Februllage 2023

Very excited to participate in my first committed daily challenge to get my hands messy on paper again via #februllage2023! I did NOT follow the official Instagram posting order strictly even if I did make the collages sequentially, just to offer myself room for chaotic flexibility.

Click for caption to see the daily prompt.

Analog collage with abstract looking fish that has a shocked expression while eating sushi with another dead fish in the sea. Analog collage with a polar bear lying with its belly down smiling on the thighs of a group of smiling topless children in the sand. Analog collage with various coloured mushrooms sprouting from a washroom with organic shaped water in the foreground and background. Analog collage with a red bridge across a blue sky in the top left corner and an upside down grey gloomy landscape. Analog collage with a child looking to the right seated on a chair. Her body and shoes are clothed in stacks of neutral coloured towels. A black and white horse stands behind on a zebra-patterned rug with a stack of curved rainbow fabrics to the left. Analog collage with various types of spiky cactus in the sandy and dry desert with a yellow pom pom in the top right. Analog collage of two people walking towards a fun pink rectangular archway with a lush outdoor scene in the distance against four irregular strips of greyscale bleak background. Analog collage of five different chocolate related desserts (chocolate pudding, popsicle, donut, cupcake and cake) with a number identification next to it. Pink irregular wavy patterns are placed in the background. Analog collage of various gold coins arranged to look like an insect with a small bird perching on the top. Analog collage of a silhouette of a person with nature landscapes in the background.  Analog collage of three different legs wearing sandals, cowboy boots, and ballerina flat stepping on a horizontal row of towels. Analog collage with a black and white photograph of three rows of newborn babies with blue skies and light purple dusk in the background. Analog collage with green northern light weaving between strips of purple gradient, three silver disco balls on top left for celestial vibes. Analog collage of a boat with a white sail made from a map with three organic strips of dark landscapes as background. Two silhouetted birds made from map appear on the top right of the image. Analog collage of a giant lizard with one closed human eye and a red clown nose hugging a building much smaller in scale. Analog collage with a black and white photograph of a person covered in a large cloth with two rows of irregularly shaped tears streaming down their bust. A crimson red shadow looms in the back. Analog collage of an interior of a house with a pink flamingo floatie in the second floor window and three stems of flowers coming out from the top. Analog collage of a deer with laundry hung off a string between its antlers with one yellow bow tie on. Analog collage of a left arm holding a pig held up by a loooooot of white and red balloons. Analog collage of a feathery dinosaur perching above a gold metallic arch with a chicken standing on the end. Analog collage of a two basset hounds with mint as wings inside a window with a waterfalls to the left on blue background. Above them is another black bulldog splooting with two leaves as wings with a goose flying above in opposite direction. Analogue collage of a group of runners running through some brown hills with cheerleaders on the side. Me symbolized by a green fish with smiley eye wearing white cozy robe with pink organic swirls by waist. To the left sits a brown curly haired dog laying by a lot of yellow mangoes, symbolizing Dengo the Mango. Analog collage of a black square chair with a yellow circle in the middle and sharp straight shapes overlapping in the background. A hand holding an earbud in ear with a serene landscape in the background flowing out of the ear. a dark starry night sky is seen underneath with a smaller hand pulling the cord.
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