New York Angels 😇

  • Patio nurses with gentle voices who treated and calmed an old lady injured from a fall :(

  • Subway commuter at the turnstiles who opened the Do Not Open gate for us when we were in a rush, trapped & irritated from a silly mistake: “just come in what are you doing” she muttered as quickly as she disappeared in the tunnel

  • Guggenheim fashionista with an oversized black & white sun hat who said we had really warm smiles & repeated “you’re so beautiful” 2x to me and Stephen replied with “yes she is”

  • First-aid responder at Rockefeller who wrapped my bleeding knee in huge blue bandage with the utmost care

Taken minutes before a lady took a hard fall on the pavement :(

  • Trader Joe’s cashier who gave us a pin he designed & shared its significance as he checked our groceries out
  • Simon the wigglebutt who almost dragged a box of La Croix off a chair with his leash from excitement

Simon the wigglebutt as illustrated by Stephen. Although Simon was a German Shepherd-Rottweiler-Golden Retriever mix all I saw was Chihuahua.

Honorary angel with a smooooth voice whose name I did not catch.

  • Central park photographer who validated my effort spending 40 minutes turning a scarf into a top by complimenting it and proceeded to take our pictures
  • Pretzel teenager from Auntie Anne’s who gave me a surprise! free! pretzel before my flight 
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