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  1. Driving

    2023-04-04 17:21:00 UTC

    I’ve been learning how to drive, and I’m usually not one to dwell on what I “lack” in an unconventional family structure. But this is the first time in a while that I felt the apparent lack in not having a parental figure to teach me the ropes. Learning to…

  2. Elsewhere, Here

    2023-02-16 02:17:00 UTC

    There was a podcast episode on This American Life about immigrants hyper-fixating on their accents. It was recorded in the style of a game show, where the subject claimed to be able to tell when someone immigrated to America based on the way they speak. In particular, how much they…

  3. October Is

    2022-10-16 21:55:00 UTC

    October is hard. I am not sure if it has always been hard, but it definitely got more intense in the last several years.A grieving month, estranged sibling (?), birthdays I shouldn’t hold in my heart any longer. A void so vast there’s not enough space within my world to…

  4. New York Angels 😇

    2022-09-07 19:00:00 UTC

    Patio nurses with gentle voices who treated and calmed an old lady injured from a fall :(Subway commuter at the turnstiles who opened the Do Not Open gate for us when we were in a rush, trapped & irritated from a silly mistake: “just come in what are you doing”…

  5. This City Has My Entire Heart

    2022-07-01 02:34:00 UTC

    June was a doozy one! I don’t have a fleshed out piece to share, as I didn’t carve out the time and space to sit down and reflect these past weeks amidst back-to-back workshops. I’m learning to invite gentleness while trying to be more disciplined. So on the last day…

  6. Your Memory is a Sieve

    2022-04-03 23:58:00 UTC

    I made an impossible trip to Hong Kong in December and unexpectedly stayed for longer than I intended. It was an impulsive and indulgent decision as an indirect result of ongoing flight cancellations and country bans amidst endless government restrictions, but mostly because I wanted to. I wanted to submerge…

  7. With Claudia - 順其自然

    2021-09-22 23:07:00 UTC

    My friendship with Claudia started at a mutual friend’s apartment in the summer of 2018. We bonded over us laughing at a joke I don’t quite remember. The kind of uncontrollable laughter that makes me rock back and forth without making a sound, so everyone else could do nothing more…

  8. 30 Podcast Suggestions

    2021-04-28 19:46:00 UTC

    I can’t remember when exactly I started listening to podcasts, or which podcast got me deep in this rabbit hole of audio entertainment, but I know I haven’t stopped ever since I started. I’m one of those people who is likely to start a conversation with “I was listening to…

  9. Small Pandemic Pleasures

    2021-04-07 22:15:00 UTC

    The city I live in went into lockdown on Monday, March 16th, 2020. It’s been a year of emergency orders, lockdown, regulations and confusing dates to mark the end of something that I could no longer keep track of. Prior to the lockdown, I loved to squeeze every errands possible…

  10. Old Writings and New Beginnings

    2021-02-22 20:58:00 UTC

    I had a Yahoo blog when I was 12. Every weekend, I headed to the local library to use the computers. I figured out all the tricks and hacks to access MSN without actually having the software downloaded, so I could talk to my friends with a 13 hour time…

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