30 Podcast Suggestions

I can’t remember when exactly I started listening to podcasts, or which podcast got me deep in this rabbit hole of audio entertainment, but I know I haven’t stopped ever since I started. I’m one of those people who is likely to start a conversation with “I was listening to a podcast the other day…”, followed by a random fact or psychological thought experiment that often takes more time to explain the context and even more energy for the other party to process the information than necessary. Nevertheless, I love listening to strangers have interesting discussions! Here are some podcasts I listened to and thoroughly enjoyed. Some are still on my current rotation of podcasts! The list of 30 podcast suggestions is organized alphabetically, with each attributed to a category I felt to be most appropriate.


99% Invisible

  • History and stories about architecture and design, Roman Mars started Radiotopia network for independent podcasters, there’s a lot of great podcasts mentioned here from the same network

Articles of Interest

  • Beautifully produced series on the history of fashion from 99% Invisible, each episode links and builds on the other, it is recommended to listen to the 2 mini-series chronologically

Creative Pep Talk

  • A fun and energetic podcast by illustrator Andy J. Pizza on how to cultivate a thriving, sustainable and creative practice

The Futur with Chris Do

  • The Futur is also a Youtube channel with a vow to teach 1 billion creatives how to run their creative business and make money, each episode is an interview with someone in the industry. Chris is a phenomenal interviewer, & lots of wisdom can be extracted from both the podcast and Youtube


Code Switch

  • 10/10 recommend this is a must-listen in my opinion, American-centric discussions and interviews on politics and race

Ear Hustle

  • Important stories from the perspectives of incarcerated people in San Quentin, California
  • Co-hosts Earlonne was released after 21 years of incarceration!
  • Part of Radiotopia


  • Topics in science that lead to wonder for the curious minds, beautiful sound-mixing

Revisionist History 

  • Hosted by Malcom Gladwell about the little-known or overlooked stories in history

No Stupid Questions

  • Hosted by author Stephen Dubner and research psychologist Angela Duckworth where they discuss questions that listeners submit 

Stuff You Should Know

  • Two hosts Chunk and Josh explain about different science and history related subject matter with lots of banter and tangents, some are a miss for me but when it’s a hit it’s really funny and chill!
  • I also went to their live show in 2019 and they’re as charismatic and hilarious in person as they are in my earphones
  • They have a really dedicated community on Facebook who facilitates Secret Santa Gift Exchanges between listeners every year

Internet/ Media/ Culture

Anything for Selena

  • 10/10 recommend this is also a must-listen!! I didn’t know anything about Selena (not Gomez) and this really opened my eyes to her influence in pop culture and what we know about society today today

Call Your Girlfriend

  • A podcast about the importance of friendships! Not in the superficial, inferior-to-romance way but in a deep connection I-love-you-like-I-love-my-family way
  • They sometimes interview successful and influential 

Decoder Ring

  • I’d say this is a good mash-up between The Cut and Reply All in that it questions the significance of cultural impact on the world today

Endless Thread

  • Episodes based on stories, mysteries, discussions, ideas, and relationships from Reddit
  • Recently aired a special 5 part-series about mind control experiments called “Madness”, victims are still demanding justice today

Reply All

  • A podcast with lots of banter between two hosts that investigates niche tech-y internet mysteries
  • Proceed with your own comfort as stories about Gimlet’s own work environment was revealed in early 2021, after Reply All aired a mini-series on Bon Appetit, a summary of timeline can be viewed here

The Cut

  • A weekly audio podcast that explores culture, fashion, politics and more. I only started listening to this because Avery Trufelman, the host of Articles of Interests from 99% Invisible moved there, fantastic storytelling as usual 

The Scaredy Cats Horror Show

  • Same hosts as Reply All (proceed with caution due to recent controversy), where one asks the other, a Scaredy Cat, to watch classic scary movies. They then chat about it with a different guest every episode 
  • As a reformed Scaredy Cat I appreciate listening to how the plot unfolds without having to watch them myself.


  • Four friends trying to solve pop culture mysteries that are unsearchable on the internet in a chill, conversational manner


Bear Brook

  • About a cold case, unsolved murder of four victims and discussions about genetic privacy
  • To be quite honest, I listened to this a while ago and can’t remember the details of the case

In the Dark

  • Two cases that investigate the shortfalls of different departments in the legal and justice systems that shaped notable cases
  • Both series are fantastic!


  • I remember listening to this during my thesis year. Personally, I loved Season 3 the most compared to Season 1, even though I know Season 1 was ground-breaking at the time. I listened to season 2 but I think a lot of the terminologies and realities of the situation were lost on me
  • I then binged S-Town right after, which was a short reporting with 7 episodes with a memorable song that’d loop in your head for days to come

Up and Vanished

  • Would only recommend Season 1, a gripping story that is sometimes frustrating and angering



  • Hosted by Phoebe Judge, whose voice may either be really soothing for you or puts you right to sleep. Stories about different “criminals”, a broad definition of people with interesting stories
  • I also went to a live show in 2019 and really enjoyed listening to their insights on where they find their stories!
  • Part of Radiotopia

Everything is Alive

  • Informal interviews with inanimate objects as improv comedy
  • I especially love them because they lace real random facts with the interviews like $100 bill smelling like maple syrup myth or truth tune in to find out
  • Part of Radiotopia 

Love + Radio

  • The host interviews different subjects from all walks of life
  • Start with this episode, which later inspired this short film, a masterpiece
  • It migrated to a paid subscription-based network Luminary so new episodes come out much slower than it did previously, but all the seasons prior should still be available on all streaming platforms!


  • A podcast about the serenity of the night; all the adventures, heartbreak, love; tears
  • Accompanied me on a lot of sleepless nights working on my thesis

Passengers List

  • A classic, mystery thriller audio fiction about a missing plane

This is Love

  • From Criminal’s Phoebe Judge, with stories about love
  • Part of Radiotopia 

The Moth

  • Live story-telling events based on a theme, some are heart-breaking, others courageous, most of which remind us that we all have extraordinary stories to tell everyday

The Truth

  • Audio fiction, lots of cool, immersive sound mixing with original stories from science fiction to drama to mystery to romance
  • Part of Radiotopia
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