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  1. Februllage 2023

    2023-02-23 21:40:00 UTC

    Very excited to participate in my first committed daily challenge to get my hands messy on paper again via #februllage2023! I did NOT follow the official Instagram posting order strictly even if I did make the collages sequentially, just to offer myself room for chaotic flexibility Click for caption to…

  2. New York Angels 😇

    2022-09-07 19:00:00 UTC

    Patio nurses with gentle voices who treated and calmed an old lady injured from a fall :(Subway commuter at the turnstiles who opened the Do Not Open gate for us when we were in a rush, trapped & irritated from a silly mistake: “just come in what are you doing”…

  3. Art on the Edge

    2022-07-28 20:15:00 UTC

    In celebration of Toronto’s Year of Public Art, Recreate Place collaborated with the Toronto District School Board, ArtworxTO and local artists to explore ways for children to provide meaningful insights based on their vision of public art. Through a series of activities in a 4-month process, elementary school children from…

  4. Collaborate for Change

    2021-11-04 19:18:00 UTC

    Collaborate for Change is an project created by Taboo Health to facilitate connections between storytellers and artists with the goal to shine light on racialized groups, topics and experiences. I was matched with writer and mental health advocate, Juanita to create a triptych of free, accessible desktop, mobile and print-ready…

  5. With Claudia - 順其自然

    2021-09-22 23:07:00 UTC

    My friendship with Claudia started at a mutual friend’s apartment in the summer of 2018. We bonded over us laughing at a joke I don’t quite remember. The kind of uncontrollable laughter that makes me rock back and forth without making a sound, so everyone else could do nothing more…

  6. Drawing (Almost) Everyday in May

    2021-06-01 04:22:00 UTC

    I participated in Articulations’ FILL’ER Up Sketchbook Challenge, currently in its tenth year this past month! The challenge encourages you to do something in your sketchbook everyday for the entire month. I just finished another sketchbook near the end of April, and thought it’d be a fun and visual way…

  7. Behind Blissful Kitchen

    2021-04-18 23:31:00 UTC

    Liz watched me grow up, her brother and I were in the same kindergarten class. One of my earliest memories in kindergarten was my teacher threatening to staple his uniform shorts to stop him from running around the school. It probably sounds more dramatic now than it was at the…

  8. 25 by 25

    2021-03-20 02:30:00 UTC

    These paper-cut illustrations were originally created for a show. Since it got cancelled, I thought it would be fun to turn the series into a challenge to create 25 pieces before I turn 25 in June! Each illustration is made with painted papers on 4.9” by 6.9” lightly textured acid-free…

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