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  1. Drawing (Almost) Everyday in May

    01 Jun 2021

    I participated in Articulations’ FILL’ER Up Sketchbook Challenge, currently in its tenth year this past month! The challenge encourages you to do something in your sketchbook everyday for the entire month. I just finished another sketchbook near the end of April, and thought it’d be a fun and visual way…

  2. Behind Blissful Kitchen

    18 Apr 2021

    Liz watched me grow up, her brother and I were in the same kindergarten class. One of my earliest memories in kindergarten was my teacher threatening to staple his uniform shorts to stop him from running around the school. It probably sounds more dramatic now than it was at the…

  3. 25 by 25

    20 Mar 2021

    These paper-cut illustrations were originally created for a show. Since it got cancelled, I thought it would be fun to turn the series into a challenge to create 25 pieces before I turn 25 in June! Each illustration is made with painted papers on 4.9” by 6.9” lightly textured acid-free…

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