Behind Blissful Kitchen

Liz watched me grow up, her brother and I were in the same kindergarten class. One of my earliest memories in kindergarten was my teacher threatening to staple his uniform shorts to stop him from running around the school. It probably sounds more dramatic now than it was at the time, with me sitting at the table quietly watching the scene unfold, not knowing that this chaotic moment would be seared in my memory. We were also neighbours; our buildings connected by a playground through the back doors. I imagine my relationship with Liz and Don is the closest to what having siblings feels like.

I am grateful for the opportunity to design the logo for Blissful Kitchen, a baking endeavour that began when she wasn’t able to work as a flight attendant in Hong Kong during the pandemic. It was delightful to catch up in our calls throughout the entire collaboration process. Here’s what happened behind the Kitchen!

Liz wanted the logo to resemble her: a sloth holding a whisk. Here are the initial sketches presented after our initial discovery call, based on what I gathered from her personality and the brand she was looking to build — playful, balanced, wholesome.

After she decided on a final direction, I presented a series of variations with different colour palette and additional collateral materials for any additional adjustments.

Here’s the final design!

In hindsight with great suggestions from my friend Connie, the dot on the “i” in “Blissful” could’ve been turned into a leaf, and a slightly bigger font to make the name pop. Minor areas of detail to improve upon next time!

“It’s my first time approaching a designer for a logo design consultation. I am very grateful to have Wandy guide me through the entire process. She is patient, knowledgeable, passionate, and creative who listened to my needs. My company logo turned out to be brilliant!” - Liz, Blissful Kitchen

All design fee associated with this project is donated to Hong Kong Free Press, a non-profit independent news source reporting on the issues happening in the city today.

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A photo of Liz and I taken during my last trip to Hong Kong in 2018.

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